Relaxation & Brain Training Exercises

Congratulations on finishing your first session! You now have tools to use your own physiology to change your state in the moment. Which tools you use, will be up to you. You, know you best! I urge you to withhold judgment and jump into playing “the game” because it does work!

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to develop a relationship with your resource state! That state may be peace, confidence, success, or a combination of all of those things. The stronger the relationship, the easier changes will happen. Think of it as a game and just play with it. Before you know it you will be creating habits that will serve you.

I applaud you for being vulnerable and open to doing something different to learn to center yourself and emotionally regulate! These exercises have created amazing results for people to interrupt anxiety and fear, and leave them with the feeling of peace and success.

Below you will find access to the PDF that has the exercises that we discussed in your first session. The exercises are simple but powerful. Don’t discredit them because of their simplicity. They are scientifically proven to engage the neurochemicals in your brain to bring about the response that we discussed.

Don’t overthink it! Remember to feel. The best way to get out of the mind is to get into the body.

The following PDF has several exercises. Please do the ones we discussed. I always take my clients through a custom program, so if we didn’t cover something there is a reason. We will most likely cover all the exercises by the end of our work together. Remember to not get overwhelmed. We covered a lot. People typically find a few things that work really well for them. So make sure you listen to yourself!

Any questions? Please ask me. I am here for YOU! Click on the link Brain Training Exercises below to access the PDF.

Brain Training PDF