Can You Really Rewire Your Brain For Success?

Yes, you can rewire your brain!  Using the latest scientific and neurological research to retrain your brain. In the past decade, scientists have discovered that the brain is not a rigid organ like it was once believed. It can be molded based on its owner’s experiences, activities and thoughts.

What is interesting is that whether you actually do the experience or just imagine it, you can change the neuron networks in your brain and begin to change your behavior. Our habits, what we do and think throughout our day, are the results of neurological networks in our brain and they are expressed in our behaviors.

Unproductive behaviors can be seen as procrastination, making excuses, self-sabotage, worrying and disorganization.  There are also more damaging and destructive behaviors – alcoholism, drugs, being a workaholic, overly stressed, violent and anger.

Negative thoughts can be toxic to your life.  Having the same negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings result in sabotaging behaviors that take energy from you and prevent you from moving forward.  The more you have the thought, the more neural networks are formed, which then keep you in that pattern.  Often we are not even aware of our unproductive or destructive behaviors, and this unawareness leads to them reinforcement

The first step is awareness.  I suggest taking a day or week and become aware of the thoughts and behaviors that you have and write them down.  Once we have awareness you can interrupt the unproductive and destructive behavior and replace with new consciously chosen behavior. Over time, this will change the unwanted programming and will result in changed habits and behaviors bringing you to success.

By taking action and increasing the behaviors that empower and motivate you,  your brain starts building positive neural patterns.  Eventually the old neural networks will break down and become obsolete.  It is a all very doable, it is just looking at it from a different perspective. The best part is you will love the side effects- being more relaxed, able to handle stress better, increased empathy, awareness of the now and of course positive thoughts, and success!