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It is time to break from tradition and realize that it is our own thinking that prevents us from reaching our goals. The Resilient Mind Coaching Program is a unique process that will improve your ability to leverage your greatest tool: your mind. Benefits of the program

  • Develop mental strength, enhance focus, and increase productivity.
  • Increase in resiliency and adaptability in times of challenge or change.
  • Learn and implement the latest in science on how to optimize your brain and thinking.
  • Reduce stress and feel more in control.
  • Create healthy habits resulting in sustained high performance and well being.
  • Enhanced clarity of mind.
  • Improve communication skills with yourself and others
  • Release limiting beliefs and fears.
  • Develop better decision making skills
  • Experience an overall greater well being and happiness
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The moment your thinking is lined up with your goals, you are automatically taking action. So ask yourself, why just survive when you can thrive?


Nell Rose was a huge help to me in dealing with some inner game issues in my business. She has helped me to get clear on exactly what I need to do to move forward and overcome these obstacles. And best of all, she held me accountable to make sure I took action and got the desired results!

Nell Rose gave me solid strategies and tools to use both on and off the course to improve my game. She helped me put a process into place that helps me to keep my emotions and nerves in check under pressure. It’s amazing when you are mentally focused and mentally strong how much better you can play.

Nell Rose brings a unique approach to coaching that is highly effective! In my first few sessions with Nell Rose, I overcame - almost magically - deep seated fears about people and public speaking that I'd been holding onto for decades! And in the next few sessions, she helped me to discover new resources, clarify next steps and follow through on tasks. I am going to hire Nell Rose again! So should you. I highly recommend her!



To be a stronger and more effective leader requires greater clarity on the inside. Our coaching is for Executives, leaders and Entrepreneurs who want to enhance productivity and creativity, make decisions more quickly, more easily recover from change and adversity and develop more effective strategies for improving life at work. Implementing our techniques you will gain clarity, take action, and achieve a greater sense of overall satisfaction. Learn more…


Whether your intention is to increase well-being and reduce stress, overcome anxiety, fears and phobias, lose weight, quit smoking or build more fulfilling relationships the skills provided at Resilient Mind Coaching will prove invaluable for you. Our programs are for both adults and children. Learn more…

Athletic Performance

Whether you are a high school, college or professional athlete needing an edge, or an adult wanting to improve your skill in a life long sport and to enjoy it more fully our programs will show you how having a mental strategy will allow you to achieve more consistency, develop resilience and play at your potential. Learn more…


Our process allows you to unlock the power of your mind and take advantage of the latest in evidence based science to quickly and easily change habits and behaviors that no longer serve you.

Unexpected Path To Success

Greatness comes from within. Our program is designed to bring out the best in you. Mental strength is a skill that can be developed.  We believe you are not broken or need to be fixed but given the knowledge, guidance and tools to develop what is already within you.

Variety of Programs and Services

We know you are busy so we offer a variety of sessions to fit your schedule.  We  have individual sessions – in person and by skype/phone, workshops, online, and corporate training & seminars. Need something custom? Just ask!

Evidence Based

Simple to implement techniques are based in science. These highly efficient tools and strategies are a blend of modalities such as neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness, hypnosis, coaching, neurokenisis and more!


Simple to implement techniques will give you the outcome you desire.  We pride ourselves in taking complex concepts and making them applicable and effective in your life.

Over A Decade of Success

Nell Rose has a decade of experience helping clients move to the next level of their potential. She has a gift of knowing how to best support you and an ease in helping you achieve your desires.


Clients are supported through the entire process. We take your success as our success.  There is no reason you have to go it alone.
Who is Nell Rose Foreman?

Nell Rose CoachingNell Rose has a unique balance of mastery in psychology, neuroscience, and the strategy of success which creates a powerful force to help clients achieve rapid results in all aspects of their lives. She goes above and beyond in her dedication to each of her clients, doing whatever it takes to help them achieve their goals, find purpose and create an extraordinary quality of life. This special blend makes her one of the most effective coaches and hypnotists you could work with. To find out how she got started on this journey and learn more...

Resiliency: An individual’s ability to create patterns of positive adaptations to stress and adversity

A person with a resilient mind has a clear understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, resources and values and can perform and plan at their highest potential and respond and adapt to changes quickly. Your mind is your greatest tool.  Companies such as Google, General Mills, LinkedIn, Ford Motor Company and more are using these techniques to optimize their employees. Evidence proves that in just minutes a day you can feel calmer and more connected, enhance creativity and problem solving, reduce stress and recover more quickly. Why just survive when you can thrive?

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