As entrepreneurs, we all are in sales. Our businesses rise or fall on our ability to find suspects, make them prospects and convert them into clients.

In today’s market, most look at sales backward. There are several misconceptions:

1. Many feel selling is convincing people to do something they don’t want to do.

2. Some believe it’s about taking advantage of others.

3. And the biggest inversion of all is the great upside-down misconception that selling is an effort to get something from others.

Research reveals that sales at its best— that is, at its most effective— is precisely the opposite: it is about GIVING. It’s about learning what people most want to do and helping them do that. [FACT: GIVERS sell more!]

Selling is about GIVING: giving time, attention, counsel, education, empathy, and value. [FACT: the word sell comes from the Old English word sellan, which means— you guessed it— “to give.]

Join us for our next Entrepreneur’s Edge meetup next Tuesday, June 6th in Wayne, PA. In this free interactive session, we will focus on why GIVING is a key factor in building our referral networks.

We’ll explore the four (4) ways we can choose to interact with others. Together, we’ll…

· answer the age-old question “Do GIVERS Get (just as well as TAKERS)?”

· learn how to spot a TAKER.

· distinguish a TAKER from a MATCHER.

· discuss ways to cultivate a “giving relationship” with those that matter to us professionally.


Join us Tuesday, June 6th 5:30-7:00 pm for a night with Charley Timmins, Founding Principal of PMA, LLC. Charley helps executives and professionals build competitive advantage, tell their story and shape/influence how they pursue opportunities to secure work that matters, so success emerges.

As the region’s only Certified Personal Branding Strategist and Social Branding Analyst, his clients say his expertise lies in helping professionals uncover what truly makes them unique, distinctive and worthy of the success they seek.

Colleagues cite his tangible attributes as being authentic, collaborative, entrepreneurial, creative, motivational and transparent.

As one client posted, “Charley’s the guy you seek out when your ‘Plan A’ isn’t working as expected. He’ll connect the dots and suggest alternatives by the time the meeting ends.”