Leadership Coaching

Today’s successful leader has attributes that are very different from even a decade ago. Resilient Mind Coaching is a program designed to achieve vertical growth and to apply the principals of an effective leader. Research suggests that successful leaders are someone who has a strong ethical compass and is able to provide a sense of safety, and a high emotional intelligence.

“Business is more about emotions than most businesspeople care to admit. It’s time to put the passion for work and the joy of creation back into business.” — Daniel Kahneman, 2002 Nobel Prize for Behavioral Economics

Our coaching develops these areas within the leader themselves, helping them to create the identity of the leader they would like to be and bring those skills to their employees.  A leader with high ethical standards conveys a commitment to fairness, which will instill confidence that both they and their employees will honor the rules that are clearly outlined. Similarly, when leaders clearly communicate their expectations, they avoid blindsiding people and ensure that everyone is on the same page. All of this results in a safe environment where employees can relax, thus invoking the brain’s higher capacity for social engagement, innovation, creativity, and ambition. It is a win win scenario.

Get Your Inner And Outer Game In Sync

Our foundation is that all change must start from the inside out, creating awareness and balance. If you wanted to get into shape you would hire a personal trainer. I work with you in the same way. I make sure you are exercising effective actions and habits and help you make the necessary changes quickly and easily.  We will identify and focus on your strengths and how you can leverage them to grow. At the same time we will understand your weaknesses or gaps, look for fears or patterns that are keeping you from real growth. We will create resiliency to take you to your ultimate achievement.

Together we will create brain and emotional agility so that you can adapt and pivot in any situation. 


Our business relationships always start with a free strategy session. This allows you to meet with the executive coach and experience the value of our work, and for us to best understand your needs and how to move your forward. To schedule give me a call at or click the link below for the calendar.

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